Over 2300 years ago, Aristotle theorized that it is the nature of an acorn to strive to become an oak tree. The acorn and the mighty oak tree remain an apt analogy for human potential.

The action and process of change an acorn undertakes is directed at realizing its full potential as a mighty oak.

Aristotle Group was founded on the principle of helping individuals, teams, and organizations achieve their full potential.


Aristotle Group specializes in helping individuals, teams, and organizations realize their full potential. We leverage a unique set of tools, expertise, and experience to create engagement, renewal, focused performance, and transformational change.


Our Work

Our work with organizations, individuals and teams is grounded in the principles of Appreciative Inquiry (AI), a powerful, constructive approach that focuses on identifying and leveraging what works rather than focusing on what’s broken. We deliver solutions in a way that is equally embraced by eternal optimists and staunch cynics.

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